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Just Play

Summer 2024 Just Play Dates: July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28, August 4  from 6:00-7:30pm at Nugget Field.

Non-AYSO players will need to have a parent sign a waiver. Fields for 10U- Adults!

Pick up soccer is a simple concept. Grab some friends, grab a ball, find a spot of land, and play the game. Yet it is during these play phases where most of the lessons are learned. When do I dribble or shoot or pass the ball? What should I do when faced with a faster opponent? Will this new move work? And perhaps the more important questions. Why do I play fair when there is no referee? Should we mix-up the teams to make the game more even? How do I handle conflict?

The introduction of soccer to the U.S. in the 70's necessitated adults implementing answers to almost all of these questions.  Creating a structure that has grown the game in the U.S. but doused the spirit of the game. This spirit lives in the ability to just play and get creative with friends on and around the ball. This spirit is why soccer is the most popular sport in the world. This spirit empowers players to play with freedom and encourages them to become life long players.  We've controlled so many aspects of learning soccer that we often forget the best way to learn is to just play. 

And so that's what we'll do on select nights. Set up a few goals, set out a few bibs, and see what happens. This means the players will organize themselves, solve disputes, become leaders, experiment with new skills, make new friends, and play without the burden of results. In its simplicity, pick-up soccer requires the development and use of many skills.  At first, as many players develop these skills away from adult intervention, we know this will be chaotic. Kids will be standing around and looking around. Some may feel left out or like others are not playing fair. There may be some blow out games. There may be frustrations or confusion. And that is all part of the process of giving the game back to the kids. We trust and believe that the Just Play approach embodies the spirt of the game and allows for player and person development. Just Play is a movement to get out and play the game in its simplicity for what it is. We hope you'll join us to see the pick-up culture in Davis flourish. 

Just Play nights will typically be held in the Summer and Winter.

We've had over 1200 players during our Just Plays and are excited to see them continue to grow. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to get the latest information on when they will occur.


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